Cloudy, thunderstorms in places

Cloudy, thunderstorms in placesMarch matches of the qualifying round of Euro 2016 has brought a lot of interesting results в reminds not only a legitimate victory, but misfires leaders, and the match in Montenegro was marred by the behavior of fans. Our website organizes the event selection.Flawless. England and SlovakiaOnly two teams of the qualifying tournament without a loss в England and Slovakia underwent a first round of five matches with a perfect record. The "Three lions" an impressive goal difference and goals conceded в 15:1, a significant contribution was made Friday's win over Lithuania with the score 4:0. Celebrating a goal Danny Welbeck, who leads the goalscoring list of all selection with 6 goals, and the success of Harry Kane. Striker Tottenham scored after 80 seconds after the debut for England. Читать полностью -->

Right way, comrades

Right way, comradesPSG and Monaco have played for the second time in three days, and if in the match of League 1 were zeros on the scoreboard, Cup of France could not do without a winner. Our website notes that the Blanc team without any problems dealt with non-core part of the Monaco.Lifted the curseStatistical fact в until last night PSG for 6 and a half years could not win against Monaco in the main time of the match. Victory in the final of the French Cup 2010 was produced only in overtime, so take out of that match the brackets. If we talk about the showdown within 90 minutes, the series of Parisians without a win over Monaco was included in 10 matches. However, PSG lost during those 6.5 years only twice, 8 times draws, and this virus will not let known to the clubs to identify the winner in intramural battles over the past 5 years в previous seven matches in a row before last night ended the world. So the victory for Paris Saint-Germain are important in all relationships в "Monaco" for too long remained unconquered, despite the superiority of the capital club on the part of game resources.Priorities JardimAnd still too flatter PSG this long-awaited triumph should not, and, frankly, a match in League 1 three days ago gave more food for thought than Cup battle in which the Portuguese coach on the Monaco partly could not, and partly didn't want to put the strongest team. Читать полностью -->

Personal care

Personal careYoung Russian players hard to consistently lead - Dzyuba and Kokorin as examples, as Dzagoev, but Our website notes the connection between the progress of new collections and lessons from experienced foreign players.Transfer budget "Arsenal", as admitted the club's sporting Director Alexander Maniacs, is zero. Surprising last place teams of the Russian players? The team has only two legionaries, but don't Capello added candidates for the national team from Tula, although in this case the limit is even "exceeded"? No, Fabio does not always fall into the starting lineup Dzagoev CSKA Moscow is calling. At the same time, it is proved that growing young Russian players who need to fight for a place under the sun, acting alongside strong competitors, i.e. Dzagoev to Arsenal to give no sense - rather pathetic. Need control and teachers, remember how Kokorina taught Voronin - right on the field during matches, as it is now on a successful game Ionova impact Kuranyi. Yesterday Alex scored twice in the difficult match against "torpedo", but Kevin has supported, for an increase of defenders, discovered a good position. Читать полностью -->


Fearless Bitten Giorgio will not abandon a new meeting with the "cannibal" Louis in Berlin, but first we must fend off toothy "real". On the eve of the decisive battle, Our website recalls the man who will try to prevent you from Madrid.Chiellini is one of the veterans and symbols Juventus, although he's younger than Buffon and Pirlo. But true to the Bianconeri to the top and has come a long way from Pisa to the current capital of Italy football. And although in the last year Giorgio associated primarily with the bite of Suarez, who eventually hurt Louis to play on the America's Cup because of suspension, vivid episode should not detract from the skill of one of the strongest Central defenders in the world. The success of the Italian in the defense the more surprising that he started on the left of midfield в in "Livorno" played closer to the attack, then they moved him to defense, but also to the flank, and in the role of a young cornerback the guy liked to Juventus. The truth is, football originally was not at Giorgio in the first place, because from childhood he was a big basketball fan, wanted to play with the ball with his hands, but did not work, although we are talking about the versatile person. Читать полностью -->

In the Perm shop

In the Perm shop Decide whether Prudnikov problems Amkar in the attack? Does Alexander a chance to use the "algorithm Dziuba"? How long will weep for fans of "Dinamo" lost the Central striker? Our website tries to answer the burning questions.About Alexander Prudnikov know even more than you have, and say often, because over the past seven years he played for nine clubs and Perm "Amkar" - the team's tenth anniversary in the career of a striker in two weeks is only going to be twenty-six years. Age of the agent of the player to talk about unfulfilled potential, but disturbing on the subject and without her to push the conversation about business Prudnikova mention of the ancient victory striker in the Junior European championship. Well, again I could not resist в again, talking about the bright youth of Alexander, while it is necessary to talk about collective coaching blunders during the transition from youth to senior football sport. Somewhere someone miscalculated, the back of his head into shore and afloat striker, nicknamed the "Elephant" that lasts only for two main reasons. The first reason is the work of his agent Alan Aguzarova, knowing the right people, the second reason is Artem Dzyuba.Yes, another pupil of the long-suffering school "Spartak" is important in this conversation. Dzyuba is a year older than Alexander, and although it is clear that Artem is more successful in converting their opportunities, the fact that the best scorer of Russia and a key player of the national team is Dziuba, who recently played for "Tom" and "Rostov", says a lot. Читать полностью -->

Chewing reflex

Chewing reflexAfter a brilliant victory in the battle for the super Cup of England London FC Arsenal held two ambiguous match, and now the fans expect from the team Wenger evidence of the alleged ambitions. Our website is sure - on "Goodison Park" we will see the real power of "the gunners".Allergic to the toffeesNot long ago, Everton were among the very convenient opponents for Arsenal, but in recent years the team Wenger have all the earmarks "of an Allergy to the toffees. Indeed, in four straight meetings in the Premier League the gunners can't get hold of the three points in the game with the representative of the glorious city of Liverpool. Three of the four meetings have ended "world", but in the last chronological capital group waiting for a real beating. That defeat in April of this year still makes you bleed heart Monsieur Arsene, because the defeat on "Goodison" almost led to disastrous consequences - the gunners were very close to that for the first time in many years to be without Champions League. And only the sluggishness of the "Everton", so easily missed hard-won initiative in the fight for fourth position, allowed the team Wenger loss in Porto will help to maintain registration. Читать полностью -->

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